Poetry by Timo Maran

by Timo Maran
translated by Riina Kindlam

Poetry by Timo Maran
Translated from the Estonian by Riina Kindlam

From the collection:
Ground Water
Erakkond 2001

The paleness of the early fall sun.
Rowanberries. Time
stops briefly – flows,
falls as the first leaf.
The nights are not very cold,
but in the evenings you can
still feel
the fragility
of the past.

Fly away then
swifts, fly high.
The insects left behind
will be snapped up by winter


Your wings are
worn, let
me lift you,
with the back of my hand.
The room is cool,
I'll place you on the
We cannot stop
the coming of winter
and fatigue
although we may try.
Let your departure then
be bright and
let me light
those worn senses
into molten wax
with the room's warmth
and honey from the comb,
so you may say farewell
to the fragrant wild thyme
in your language
of buzz.


The light fades,
it's February.

It lasts but a moment –
I write
that the spruces are pale with frost
and a spry hare has left
tracks on the open snow.

and yesterday I dreamt
that seventeen cedar waxwings sat
in the rowan tree beyond Toome Hill

From the collection:
Turning to the Forest, Erakkond 2007

The river winds in spots,
as does life.
In other spots, it is clear all the way to the bottom,
and there is no question.
In places, the river churns fast,
this we remember well.
Sometimes it is sleepily peaceful,
some doze in fact.
Occasionally the river is sheltered beneath a lid of ice,
and the best is kept inside.
Occasionally it takes everything in its path,
then great deeds are accomplished.
Sometimes the kingfisher, like a blue jewel,
nests in its bank.
For this there are no words.

Turning to the Forest

i am a willow        we are oaks
you are a spruce        you are birches
she/he is a chestnut    they are aspen

The Red Book (of endangered species)

I remind you
of myself. With a word.
At the very bottom of your memory bank
is your secret place,
a bright spot.

A sanctuary
for love.

I once looked
deep into the Red Book of your
But there I was listed as:

Range unknown.