Poetry by Uku Masing

by Uku Masing
translated by Lauri Sommer

Uku Masing

from “Messenger from the Magellanic Cloud” (1959-1963)
translated by Lauri Sommer


Night darkens on the top of the misty tower,
dankens on the wet cherry blossoms

I am not looking in the scent of the lilies,
no one puts a hand on my shoulder.
Only a fathomless sadness
feels, that even this silence
will pass.

Why someone else should see it with me,
why should it strew another scattered,
blended with me like the scent of lilies?

But I´d want it.

I hope like a former kid, that all what two have felt
won´t vanish any more.
I hope like a former kid, that
when another also sees things, what are´nt anywhere
not a fluff would remain the same
in the whole world.



I said adieu to the blossoms of crinum,
although someone prays for me,
who have´nt seen me and will never hear.

Tomorrow yet I know, that grace as hers
won´t be remembered even by myself,
although I won´t concile, still won´t concile,
that I can leave even less, than I can take and carry.

Lord, if You ask her from me,
can I hold out anything of this
white, flying, fragrant?
No proper picture nor right words,

But that who stuns me,
That, who prays for me, that stranger, that from the distant world
am I worthy?
Am I worthy to see the blossom of crinum?

What´s so eerie in them, what is, that frightens?
Is it the superabundant way, path beyond the being,
is it love?