Estonian Literary Awards 2007

by Piret Viires

The 2007 Cultural Award of the Republic of Estonia for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement was given, among others, to the writer and philosopher Madis Kõiv.

The annual award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment went to Kristi Viiding, Jana Orion and Janika Päll for compiling the anthology O Dorpat, urbs addictissima musis … Selection of 17th century Tartu poetry.

The genre awards of the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Literature Foundation in 2007 were distributed as follows:

The 2007 debut award or the Betti Alver Award went to Lemming Nagel’s The Triumph of No Will.

The 2007 Friedebert Tuglas short story award went to Andrei Hvostov for Blue Hills (Looming 2007, no 6) and to Mihkel Mutt for Internal Emigrant (Fabian, 2007).

Another literary award – named after A.H. Tammsaare – is issued by the Tallinn city government and the Estonian Writers’ Union for the best novels published in the last five years. It was awarded on Tammsaare’s birthday, this time his 130th, on 30 January 2008. The jury selected Indrek Hargla’s work during the last five years, i.e. Maris Stella, Pilgrimage to the New World, The Highest Measure of Freedom, French and Koulu, Rose and Snow Crystal and French and Koulu in Tarbatu.

The Eduard Vilde Award of Vinni Parish went to Andrus Kivirähk and his The Man Who Spoke Snakish, and the same work received the Virumaa Literary Award.

Ene Mihkelson received the A. H. Tammsaare Albu Parish Literary Award for the novel Plague Grave.

The Võru County government issues the Bernard Kangro award for authors coming from Võrumaa, connected with it or whose work tackles Võrumaa topics. This time it went to Igor Kotjuh’s poetry collection In Another Language.

The Henrik Visnapuu award was given to Tiina Kirss for her contribution in researching the lives of exile Estonians.

The Juhan Liiv Award goes to the best Estonian-language poem published during the last year for the first time, by Alatskivi Parish, together with the Alatskivi Secondary School and Liiv Museum. This time it went to Eha Lättemäe and her poem When November is inevitable…

Another poetry award, named after Gustav Suits, has been granted since 2004 by the Tartu city government and the Cultural Endowment of Tartu and is given to a poet who, during the past year, published at least one excellent, philosophically profound collection of poetry. The most recent was awarded to Priidu Beier for the collection Unsent Letters.

A special annual award is given to children’s poetry, named after Karl Eduard Sööt, and issued by the Luunja local government and school. In 2007 this went to Ilmar Trull’s collection Lake Guard and Drinking Water, which also received the annual award of the Cultural Endowment.

The Estonian science fiction Stalker Award is given by the Estonian Science Fiction Association; in 2007 the award went to Andrus Kivirähk’s novel The Man Who Spoke Snakish.

The Tallinn University Literary Award was initiated by Rector Rein Raud in January 2007, with the aim of acknowledging and introducing Estonian authors who study or teach at Tallinn University or have graduated from it. Two authors were awarded in 2007: Maarja Kangro for her poetry collection Come to My Cave, Matter, and Arvo Valton for his translation series Big Literature of Small Peoples and for his publication of Poetry of the Young.