Andres Ehin's haiku collection

by Andres Ehin

Andres Ehin’s haiku collection, A Chafer Kisses the Moon, was recently released by the publishing house Shichigatsudo in Tokyo, Japan. The foreword and Japanese translations are by the head of the World Haiku Association, Professor Ban´ya Natsuishi of Meiji University. The English translations are by the American Jim Kacian, co-founder of the Haiku Association, together with Natsuishi.
Other foreign-language publications of Andres Ehin:
The collection All Points North was published in 2007 by the Scottish Poetry Library, containing Andres Ehin’s poems in Norwegian, Finnish, Shetland and Icelandic.
Andres Ehin’s poetry in English can be found in the anthology The Echoing Years (2008), compiled by John Ennis, Randall Maggs and Stephanie McKenzie. The anthology presents poems published in Ireland and Canada during the last five years, both English originals and translations. Ehin is represented with 7 poems, all translated by the Irishman Patrick Cotter.