andrus Kivirähk

by TR Editor

Andrus Kivirähk (born 17August 1970) is one of the most fascinating writers of the Estonian younger generation. A journalist by profession, he is primarily known for his humorous, taboo-breaking satirical pieces published in newspapers. Kivirähk is an excellent story-teller who writes with warm gentle humour. His is certainly a highly original comic talent in Estonian literature. He is also quite prolific, having written several books both for adults and children. In 1999, he published three books: collection of short stories Baker’s Gingerbread (Pagari piparkook), romantic-fantastic novel Butterfly (Liblikas) which depicts the early years of our ‘Estonia’ theatre, and a book for children Sirli, Siim and Secrets (Sirli, Siim ja saladused). His best known book is doubtlessly The Memoirs of Ivan Orav (Ivan Orava mälestused), known as a novel of the absurd; it describes the life in the Republic of Estonia of the 1930s and post-war Estonia with mild, enjoyable humour so typical of the author. Andrus Kivirähk has also written plays, several of which have been successfully staged in Estonian theatres.